Training Management Corporation

Berlitz Business Training Creates More Effective Leaders

Berlitz Corporate Consulting offers Cultural Business Seminars to help professionals enhance their cross-cultural communication skills and perspectives. Executives learn strategies, techniques and approaches to lead more effectively in international business situations. Seminars address solving problems, making decisions and managing knowledge in the global marketplace. Content is specific to a country. Berlitz offers seminars on:

– Intercultural Management Skills
– Team Building
– Global Perspectives
– Virtual Teaming
– Presentation Skills
– Culturally Competent Healthcare
– Global Negotiations

Active engagement leads to insights
Berlitz Cultural Business Seminars are usually offered at your site. Executives participate in exercises, role-plays and self-assessments, and they create a personal action plan to put their new knowledge to work. Participants receive the Berlitz Mobility Navigator, which delivers timely and comprehensive insight into global business and cultural topics. The Cultural Orientations Indicator® (COI) delivers statistically validated assessment of participants’ cultural preferences. Results of this assessment can be provided individually or for the group.