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Certification Programs

Cultural Orientation Approach (COA)
COA Certification enables members of your organization to become internal experts in the Cultural Orientations Indicator® (COI) assessment and enhance skills needed to rapidly react and adjust to operational challenges of working successfully in today’s global business environment.
Many organizations currently use the capabilities of their COA Certified Professionals to:
* Develop leaders for success in intercultural situations
* Improve targeted marketing and sales initiatives
* Increase multicultural, matrixed and global team effectiveness
* Support global diversity and inclusion efforts
* Improve vendor and client relations
* Prepare international assignees
  * Integrate cultures in mergers & acquisitions, joint ventures and outsourcing
  * Adapt global initiatives to regional and local requirements
  * Conduct international coaching sessions for individuals and teams

COA Certification includes:

  * Access to job aids and supporting materials
  * Membership in the COA Practitioner LinkedIn Community
  * The Cultural Orientations Guide
  * A professional COA Practitioner Certificate

Delivery: The COA Certification is offered in three formats:

Completely Virtual: Combines five virtual, synchronous webinars with online, self-paced learning, pairs coaching, trios application exercises, self-reflection and COI debrief practice with coaching.

Blended Learning: Blends two virtual, synchronous webinars, online learning, self-paced learning, pairs exercises, self-reflection with a two-day, face-to-face program.

Face-to-Face: Designed to maximize the practice of new behaviours, insights and knowledge with peer coaching and feedback, in a three-day program.

Inclusive Leadership Certification
This program provides managers worldwide with awareness, knowledge and skill readiness to enable individuals and groups to contribute to their fullest potential by leveraging their unique experiences, perspectives and viewpoints for the collective benefit of all stakeholders. Through case studies, exercises, discussions, video scenarios and personal feedback, managers explore critical issues related to specific workforce diversity concerns both from a global and local perspective. Your organization’s priorities, expectations and policies concerning diversity and inclusion are explained and applied to specific cases and examples. Through targeted skill building exercises, participants practice key skills to enhance inclusiveness and performance personally and in their sphere of influence. More than raising awareness, this learning solution provides managers with specific skills to (1) address diversity related concerns consistent with the organization’s philosophy and policy, and (2) foster an inclusive climate that improves organizational performance, such as speed, efficiency, creativity, innovation, motivation and corporate image. This learning solution is a key element to changing organizational culture and climate, and encourages integration and synergy of the organization. Program includes:

  * Live Virtual Meeting
  * Two Day Certification Meeting
  * Alignment Call with Program Sponsors
  * Individual Debrief / Coaching Call

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