Training Management Corporation

Conducting Business in Global Markets

Help your professionals face the challenges of doing business globally or in specific countries or regions. These programs give executives, managers and employees practical knowledge to help them improve their cross-cultural skills in order to work and lead more effectively. Programs include:


Doing Business Globally
This program builds individual and team competencies required for working, managing and leading across cultures and geographies. This program is aimed at demonstrating the impact of culture on communication, building relationships, business culture and management styles. Participants are introduced to the TMC model of culture and the significant cultural differences encountered when doing business in selected countries and within a global structure. They receive a personal Cultural Orientations Indicator® Assessment which is used during the course to identify critical gaps and practice cultural style-switching to increase personal effectiveness. The core of this program engages participants in a simulation which allows them to experience a global team environment and apply skills and techniques when working with other cultures.


Doing Business In…
Doing Business In…(choice of 14 countries) assists professionals who do business in a new geographic region or country and need to optimize their cross-cultural skills and effectiveness by increasing awareness and specific knowledge of business, social and market cultures. Participants explore the cultural background of a country, its history, geography, natural resources and contemporary society, as well as business etiquette and practices. On the basis of this awareness, participants develop critical skills: cultural due diligence, style-switching and cultural dialogue. These skills are practiced in the context of building relationships, presenting, negotiating, teamwork and collaboration, exercising leadership, managing performance, selling and marketing.


– Cultural Practices, Values Systems and Key Cultural Orientations
– Business Protocols and Etiquette
– Communication Styles
– Time and Expectation Management
– Decision Making Practices
– Negotiation Styles
– Conflict Management and Resolution Techniques


Cross-Cultural Recruiting
This program is a highly interactive one day workshop that targets the challenges posed by working inside rapidly globalizing organizations. It is designed for managers from Canada who will be recruiting in other countries. Misunderstood cultural differences can contribute to poor candidate selection, thereby decreased productivity and retention.


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