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Customised Offers for Kids

Language Learning Tailored to Your Child’s Needs

At Berlitz Kids & Teens, we provide effective language learning solutions to:

  • Immerse your child in an authentic native language environment
  • Maximize your child’s language capacity with the most effective Berlitz Method®
  • Accelerate your child’s proficiency in the target language within 4-6 months
  • Boost your child’s confidence in speaking a new language today

Semi-Private Instruction – Fun for Kids, Convenient & Economical for You

With Semi-Private instruction, we offer:

  • genuine small group size of 2 to 4 students per class
  • interactive instruction featuring the conversational Berlitz Method®
  • a student-centric experience with lively and fun age-appropriate curriculum
  • the most cost-effective learning solutions which also help stimulate and build social skills

Give your children the advantage of exploring a whole new world by learning a new language with Berlitz for Kids. Children will attend a class led by experienced, native fluent instructors in small groups, from the comfort of their home or at an authorized Berlitz center.

Whether you want to broaden your child’s horizons or deepen their cultural connections, Berlitz can help open the doors to a larger world for your children. Put your child in a position to grow with language lessons from Berlitz.

Students are grouped according to their language ability and will be guided to express in dialogue exclusively in the target language in small groups of not more than 4 students to ensure very high amount of speaking time during class.

We welcome students to form small groups of 2 to 4 students who share a similar level of language proficiency* and select the most suitable class schedule. For more details, please contact Ms. Steffia Lee, Program Manager for Kids & Teens at (852)2157 2266.

*As determined by an authorized Berlitz Assessor prior to a student group is formed

Languages available: English, French, Spanish, German, Japanese, Italian, Mandarin, & Cantonese