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Developing Cultural Competence

Cultural orientation training can help employees and managers develop the skills they need to work and lead in a global business environment. The program is based on a Cultural Orientations Model, which provides a systematic approach to understanding cultural differences. It explores national cultural profiles, as well as other cultures—family, corporate—that can influence an individual’s thinking and behavior. With this knowledge, employees can strengthen credibility, communication, relationships and collaboration. Programs include:


Cultural Navigator® Orientation (Webinar)
This webcast is designed to introduce you to the Cultural Navigator® web tool and its applications. The Cultural Navigator® delivers timely cultural and business intelligence that will enable you to scan the world for management and business practices across cultures and obtain critical market knowledge to conduct business on an international scale.


Cultural Orientations at Work
This program focuses on understanding the impact of culture in the workplace. Participants are introduced to the Cultural Orientations Model, which provides a systematic approach to understanding the cultural differences one encounters when working globally. Generalized national culture profiles are explored, and participants will explore other significant sources of an individual’s personal cultural preferences as well, including family, host, functional and corporate cultures.


Communicating and Collaborating Effectively Across Cultures
This program is a highly interactive one day workshop that targets the challenges posed by working inside rapidly globalizing organizations. It is designed for managers and collaborative contributors who work together on globalized, matrixed teams in a virtual environment. In this setting, teamwork, accurate communication and efficiency are critical. Cultural differences can contribute to decreased productivity and cause misunderstandings and conflicts.


Transitional Coaching
This program is designed for frequent business travelers, short-term assignees, third country nationals, partners and others who do business in an unfamiliar region or country and want to optimize their cross-cultural skills and effectiveness through specific knowledge of social interactions, local market and business culture. This program consists of four phases for completion.
Program includes:


  • Cultural Orientations Indicator® (COI): Personal assessment profile provides an individual’s area of potential cultural difference, recommends behavioural changes to facilitate adjustment to a new country, generates targeted comparisons and analysis of cultural gaps with your new country’s national profile and provides a detailed tutorial to help intensify cultural sensitivity.
  • Virtual Coaching: A TMC Certified Cross-Cultural Coach will be assigned to assist participants in reinforcing and developing the core concepts. Each participant will have access to the coach for a pre-allocated number of hours, to be scheduled between the participant and the coach. TMC will work with the client to assure a match with a proper coach, with the relevant industry sector and geographic experience.
  • Web-based Learning Module(s) : Doing Business in… (choice of 14 countries) – average course duration is two hours of self-paced learning.



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