Global Business

Berlitz Business provides individuals organizations and teams with the skills and capabilities they need to succeed when working across linguistic, cultural and geographic boundaries. When operating in multicultural context, the Communication, Intercultural and leadership capabilities required within different business activities are significantly more complex than when operating in mono-cultural environments. Training provides capability development at each level of the model below to maximize individual, team and organizational effectiveness – equipping leaders with the necessary :

– Language and communication skills
– Cultural awareness and agility
– Global Business acumen
The Berlitz Advantage

130+ year of knowledge in building practical skills..
For more than 130 years, Berlitz has been enabling business professionals to build the practical skills required for global interactions through an immersion method.
…in combination with business leadership insights from around the world
We have combined this practical methodical focus on skills with industry thought leadership from around the world to create a unique global leadership development experience.
reality-based immersion through the worldwide resources of Berlitz
This experience combines the best of academic insights with practical, reality-based immersion philosophy possible only through the worldwide resources of Berlitz.