Global Consulting

Berlitz’s global network includes highly qualified consultants, coaches, facilitators and subject matter experts with a wealth of senior level, industry-specific expertise.

Our experts work with you on customized consulting and learning solutions to help execute your global strategy.

Cultural Integration in Mergers & Acquisitions
We have assisted various clients to gain momentum in a merger by supporting the achievement of an aligned organizational culture.

Global Diversity & Inclusion Strategy Implementation
Many global companies have embraced wide diversity in their workforce, and yet failed to realize the benefits of diverse strengths, perspectives and cultures. We help create a culture of inclusion, providing the basis to leverage the diversity available for innovation, productivity and results.

Global Outsourcing
A large number of organizations pursuing global outsourcing strategies experience difficulties in reaching a mutual understanding on work styles, communication, project planning and execution, as well as client service standards. We support clients with developing cultural competences in their organizations to effectively address these challenges.

Global Joint Ventures
Joint ventures across organizational, functional and national/regional cultures are challenging, even when the financial results promise benefits to both parties. We facilitate a non-judgmental discussion to reveal sources of misunderstandings and offers solutions for cultural alignment.

Global Leadership and Team Development
Berlitz assists global leaders and teams in building awareness of cultural norms and the impact they can have on teams, functions, and/or organizations. Our focus on leveraging diversity and practicing inclusion through executive coaching and team building helps organizations optimize talent and attain higher levels of performance.

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