Global Leadership Capabilities



Berlitz Training Management Corporation provides competitive competency development in three key areas:


Communication Acquiring the necessary language and incremental communications skills for particular markets and context-specific activities (delivering presentations, conducting negotiations, managing meetings, etc.)
Culture Developing a sense of a leader’s own cultural profile, preferences and styleBuilding cultural agility and the ability to adapt their own cultural style to that required for a particular environment
Leadership Developing global business knowledge and acumenAcquiring market-specific business practice, knowledge and insights to maximize the chances of success when entering a new marketplaceAcquiring and practicing Inclusive Leadership skills


These represent the foundations of Global Leadership capability. Berlitz Training Management Corporation solutions equip individuals and teams at all levels of an organization with the skills they need at each level of this model, and helps them build upon these while acquiring and developing additional tiers of capability.
Berlitz Training Management Corporation programs also enable Global Leaders to build their personal global network – which can help provide global insights, contacts, access to capabilities and resources and other necessary experiences.
For many, the development of these capabilities is often sequential – they have had to build their capability at one level before being ready to move onto the next. Berlitz Training Management Corporation doesn’t make the assumption that every individual and organization will necessarily need to follow a predefined development path, so our development solutions can be customized to reflect and support the unique needs of every client.