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Language Training for Teens

Time Zones (12-15 aged)


Courses designed specifically for young people

Time Zones is a motivating new series for teenagers that helps students strengthen their English language skills in four major areas of listening, speaking, reading and writing. Courses are mainly related to topics that young people are interested in, including customs, history and culture around the world. This not only increases kids’ interest in learning English effectively, but also broadens the horizons of children facing the world. Time Zones combines National Geographic, videos and interesting content to learn English with interactive communication. Participants together with the instructor will:


Explore Discover Learn
amazing places and fascinating cultures with National Geographic and our team of young reporters the exciting world of science and technology, nature, history, geography and popular culture. how to use English to communicate effectively in the real world, by developing both language and critical thinking skills.


The time is right to tap into the global teen experience. And our exciting Time Zones language program for teens is designed to do just that; a program specifically designed for young people with emphasis on balanced skills to further expose them to cultures, habits and hobbies of their foreign counterparts. Presenting the wonderful world of English from an international perspective, teens can practice English in interactive language activities and workshops designed to improve listening and speaking proficiency. Language skills, from English grammar to vocabulary, are fine-tuned across the board using English teaching materials developed in unique partnership with National Geographic.

As a supplement to regular English education, this fun program ideally complements school learning by casting a spotlight on global pop culture while also sharpening critical thinking skills. As teens learn English, they discover more about the world around them and how to engage it, opening doors to exciting academic and professional opportunities both at home and abroad.

For more information, please contact Ms. Steffia, Program Manager for Kids & Teens at (852) 2157 2211.