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Language Training for Young Careers

Berlitz iPassport 7 days Interview Training


most practical and effective interview-focused training program that prepares new graduates entering the job market – learn to develop fluency, expand vocabulary, enhance pronunciation, improve sentences structure and organization as well as to build confidence for effective English communication skills at work or socially.

Berlitz prepares you to:

  • develop your confidence and improve interview skills and techniques
  • be able to showcase your unique skills and accomplishments
  • handle difficult interview questions with the appropriate language that future employers look for
  • impress the interviewers with professional presentation skills and outshine the other applicants
  • propel your business communication skills to the next level

We provide one-to-one customized coaching with experienced, professional native fluent instructors that helps you prepare for mock interviews and make a good impression and project yourself as mature, confident, and professional to your future employers. Extensive practice interviews are included with instant feedback and review session. This is the most effective way of preparing for a job interview and the skills learnt will last you a lifetime.

We also provide:

  • in-depth focused training for young professionals including preparation for the syndicated discussion, impromptu talk & short presentation – please contact us for more details.

Languages available: English or Mandarin (other languages available upon request)