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Phonics Jump

Now Available in Hong Kong!

Specially designed for Japanese kids or beginners of English to effectively learn English reading and writing through phonics


Suitable for students from aged 4 or above, the Phonics Jump program provides a foundation for children developing their listening, speaking, reading and writing skills through systemic language training.

With the effective Berlitz Phonics Jump program, students develop the ability to learn sounds naturally even when they are first introduced the letters of the alphabets.


Using the unique Berlitz Phonics Jump material, students will learn the vowels followed by the most frequently used consonants throughout the program. Students will also learn to be able to distinguish between sounds that are similar, such as the c/k.


Students will some background in learning English may also make good use of Phonics Jump to strengthen their foundation in English.



The Phonics

Led by native fluent speakers, students are immersed in an English speaking environment to ensure that they can learn to develop basic reading skills in an accurate and natural manner, from the very first lesson throughout the program.
Students will learn to understand the rules of various sounds of consonants and vowels and slowly developing the correct pronunciation and reading skills. As the students develop their ability to read, they will also learn to develop their writing skills in English.


Program Overview – Phonics Jump

Name of Program Phonics Jump
Suitable for Early beginners of English aged 4 or above
Tuition Small group of 3 students meeting once a week (30 units)


※course material to be purchased separately

※ No registration fee.

Inquiries/ Enrollment (852)2157-2211 (English) (852)2157-2244 (Japanese) (852)2157-2255 (French)



Features of Phonics Jump


Phonics Jump Course Material


















About Berlitz

Founded in 1878, Berlitz is the world’s premier provider of language training and intercultural services, with a footprint in more than 70 countries. For over a century, our drive for innovation has led us to build a comprehensive portfolio enabling our clients to communicate with confidence and be successful in a global environment.


Building confident communicators since 1878

When Maximilian D. Berlitz introduced the revolutionary Berlitz Method® in the USA, he changed the way language was taught forever. Based on providing an immersive experience with native teachers and focusing on oral communication, the Berlitz Method® is capable of accelerating learning and building the key foundation for effective communication– learners’ self-confidence.

A never-ending drive for innovation

We continue to revolutionize global communication training by developing programs that help companies and individuals overcome cultural differences, manage diversity and leverage similarities for maximum performance. Berlitz was also the first education company to provide multiple-platform delivery solutions, and its offer is still today unmatched by any other competitor.


For further information, please contact

(852)2157-2211 (English/Cantonese/Mandarin)

(852)2157-2244 (Japanese)

(852)2157-2255 (French)


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