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Berlitz has a strong commitment to delivering quality services customised around our client’s needs. Positive feedback from students all over the world encourages us to continue teaching the Berlitz Method® and carry on with our service-oriented attitude. Below you find a small selection of testimonials.

I’m happy to have lessons with any teachers here at Berlitz, for they teach me with great patience until I fully understand what I asked a question about. Some teachers focus on enhancing listening skills, while the others write on the white board to try to make me learn from the vision. Even on a single language, you can see various different ways from each different teacher.
Ms. Nozomi Takada (learning English and Mandarin)
For each language, you have many different teachers so that you can get used to varied kind of conversations, accents and styles. Since you don’t stick to talk with the same person in your everyday life, either, it’s very practical to experience the real situation at Berlitz. I started to learn Cantonese from scratch, but now I can enjoy simple conversations at restaurants and work. I can realize that I’ve impreved a lot.
Mr. Atsushi (learning English and Cantonese)
As we have more and more opportunity to speak English in daily life and at work, we decided to come to Berlitz to brush up our communication in English. We feel that we have progressed a lot in many occations, especially when we see our kid being confident in taking with English speakers.
The Tashiro Family (learning English)
Lessons are fully customised to meet my needs and goal. While brushing up my business English communication skills, instructors help me with proof-reading my business emails too. For my future classes, I’d ask my instructors to customise lessons into even more practical by letting me go thourgh roleplaying of conferences, presentations and general conversations at work, etc.
Great advantage of taking Mandarin course at Berlitz is that learning materials are strictly optimized for each Berlitz level and that instructors are all native speakers.
Mr. Makoto Wakasa (learning Mandarin)

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