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What Conditions Make Global Leadership Capability Necessary?

Organizations (and the individuals and teams within them) striving for success in today’s globalized world face an increasingly complex set of challenges. These challenges relate both to their external environment and to internal considerations.


Factors such as:

  • Impact of Internet-related IT & telecommunications on the pace of world events and business conditions
  • Increasingly multicultural team/organization composition
  • Increasingly blurred boundaries between geographies and markets
  • Increasingly rapid formation of teams and high expectations of rapid delivery
  • Increasing removal of barriers to international trade
  • Shifting trend from localization to delocalization (and vice versa) in many companies and industries
  • Increasingly rapid global impact of unforeseen events
  • Changing emphasis from the traditional view of personnel to a more evolved view of human capital
  • Social, economic, and political change
  • Globalization of supply chains

Mean that:

  • Organizations and individuals need to be able to collaboratively assess, adapt and act
  • Individuals at all levels of an organization increasingly need to operate in a multicultural, multilingual context
  • Organizations and individuals who in the past might not have operated internationally or globally, now can and must
  • Local management and global management need to be much more closely connected now than in the past

These conditions mean that people with leadership responsibility operating within a global environ- ment cannot afford to allow a lack of Global Leadership capability to delay action, delivery, or contribute to lost business opportunities.
The ability to operate successfully at a global level is a differentiating factor for organizations in their marketplaces, for teams within their organizations, and for individuals in their own careers.
The differentiating factor for Global Ready Leaders, Global Ready Teams, and Global Ready Workforces is the ability to manage and harness diversity and inclusion – in Communications, Culture, and Leadership.