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Ask any group of people for a list of basic leadership traits and, depending upon the context, they will suggest competencies such as:


* Establishing a vision
* Defining a common goal
* Communication skills
* Motivating and mentoring people
* Critical thinking skills
* Business acumen and content knowledge


However, each of these activities is made more complex and challenging when operating at a global level, where factors such as language, communication style, and culture come into play. Global Leaders need to be able to execute their leadership duties successfully with teams of people from highly diverse linguistic, cultural, ethical, religious and business practice backgrounds.
The distinguishing factors of Global Leadership are the ability to recognize, adapt to and harness diversity and manage inclusion. The creation of Global Leadership capabilities at all levels of an organization is critical to success in a complex and fast-changing global business environment.


Who In An Organization Needs Global Leadership Capability?

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Global Leadership Capabilities

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