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Where Are Global Leadership Capabilities Important?


Ambiguity Management

Organizations where ambiguity is a defining characteristic of the working environment and in which individuals need the skill set and outlook to successfully operate within that ambiguity
Agility in Complex Environments

Organizations with increasingly complex and diverse structures, where hierarchy is a decreasingly important factor in human interactions and is being replaced by understanding, persuasion and influencing capabilities
Rapid Value Creation

Organizations which are changing either due to mergers, acquisitions or the formation of alliances which mean that personnel need to quickly assimilate and adapt to new realities
Rapid Teaming

Organizations in which new teams are formed from a broad talent pool and need to come together and begin delivering quickly


Organizational Alignment & Engagement
Organizations in which alignment and engagement across the whole organization is central to success
Execution of Global Strategies
Organizations which need to translate, adapt and execute global strategies consistently within very different local environments