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Who In An Organization Needs Global Leadership Capability?

If leadership is a process, it then can be considered as a set of ongoing activities that are learnable and can be practised. One person might be able to enlist the aid and support of others but achieving this is never guaranteed. In order to accomplish this successfully, there are approaches that leaders can acquire to increase their chances of enlisting help and support of others.


Global Leadership responsibility has traditionally been considered the preserve of the select group of people within an organization whose job titles contain words like Chief, Officer, or Vice President. These executives understand, however, that they cannot drive change alone. To truly drive change, all levels of an organization need to develop appropriate Global Leadership capability. Global Leadership has as much to do with human interaction as it does with hierarchy.


In organizations using matrix reporting structures, the relative seniority of an individual may change, depending on what virtual team or project they happen to be working on, so hierarchical lines can become blurred. What matters most is the ability of individuals and teams to successfully work together across linguistic and cultural boundaries.


In order to establish, communicate and share a vision, promote critical thinking and motivate others towards doing the same in a global, multicultural context, Global Leadership capability is required.