X’mas Crash Course 2018

In some countries where few natives speak English, the inability to speak their local language can give you an unpleasant traveling experience. However, once you learn the language, you’ll be able to navigate daily activities in that country like reading directional signs, ordering food in a restaurant, or taking the public transport. Language is also one of the best ways to experience culture, food and people. Enrich your traveling experience through enrolling one of the short courses from Berlitz.


Berlitz offers short courses in French, German, Spanish, English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Japanese.


3 Hours with short break.

The Berlitz Method ® is a proven-effective way of language learning where you are immediately immersed in the language and achieve maximum results within the shortest possible time. You gain knowledge you can use in your daily life, increasing your confidence when using the language in any situation.

Our qualified native speaker trainers help you face any inhibitions you may have, maximizing your conversation time in class. If you are looking for fast and effective language solutions, then the Berlitz course is one of your best choices.

Take a new language this X’mas and gain a solid foundation in a new language quickly. Contact us now to get more information.

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Program Fees HK$1,700
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